May 31, 2010

New Song - Need Your Help!

Hey y'all!  A new friend and talented songwriter, Andrea Mendoza-Williams, and I have collaborated on a fabulous new Blues song entitled "Bring it Back Home".  Both Andrea and I are single mothers with 13 children respectively.  We both have an unabiding faith in God as well as unwaivering love for and commitment to raising our children with a belief that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.  The best to do that is to teach by example! 

To see the dream of recording this song realized, it will take help from friends, family, and fans.  Please consider donating to the costs of recording this amazing new song.  The total cost on this song for studio time, musicians, production and engineering will be $700.  If any of you are familiar with studio costs and production, you'll know that this is a really fabulous price for the caliber of production we will be receiving! 

For all those who donate $20 or more, you will receive an autographed CD and special, handwritten note of thanks from both Andrea and me!  All donations are being accepted through PayPal.  Please contact me privately for the paypal address.  We will keep you posted on the progress. 

So, please consider donating to the cause...  xoxoxo

HAPPY MEMORIAL MONDAY EVERYONE! I hope ur enjoying the day with family and/or friends. Xoxoxoxo

May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Remember those who have lost their lives in wars of the present and the past. Remember your soldiers, alive and fallen. We have the freedom we have because of soldiers of the past and we will, if it please God, continue to have our freedom thanks to the soldiers of the present and future.

And, if you have a moment this weekend - do some volunteer work for someone less fortunate than you, or someone struggling. You'll never know just how much one kind work can do...


May 27, 2010

City of Dreams

Hello everyone.  I would just like to pass along this wonderful YouTube video that several artists came together to do, one of which is my personal friend, Buddy Jewell.  So, please take a look at this video and, if you can take your time this weekend - even just a few hours - to help in the volunteer effort to get families back on their feet and back into their homes, that would be great.  Please remember that even if you only help one, it matters to the one.  xoxoxo

And, when you're finished watching the video, please stop by my friend Buddy Jewell's page and listen to his latest song, "Somebody Who Would Die For You."  It's a touching song from a man with a voice smooth as butter.


May 26, 2010

Stiletto Suicide

I had the displeasure recently of watching a woman walk across the parking lot at the courthouse. She caught my eye... Not because she was devastatingly beautiful. She was certainly reasonably attractive. Not because of her outfit. Not because she was the only person to look at. It was the way she walked. Or, should I say, the way she failed to walk.

Ladies, we all love shoes. It's a girl thing. And, most of us love heels. For me, the higher the heel the higher my spirits. I love high, high heels. Stripper shoes. You know what I'm talking about don't you? Those high platform stilettos! Mmmmm... It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

I suppose it has something to do with my short stature. Standing at just 5'3.5" (that half inch matters after having shrunk a full inch somewhere in the last 15 years), I have a bit of paranoia about being short. I don't like it. The fact that the stilettos make me not only taller, but make my butt look fabulous - well, that's a big ol' BONUS in my book!

I digress... Back to the woman. She was wearing a pair of stilettos. Chica couldn't walk in them. She was so stiff, I thought she might fall over if the wind blew at all. C'mon now... Don't lie and tell me you haven't seen this before. Admit it - you've all seen it. A nice looking, nicely dressed woman, who ruins the whole package by simply not knowing how to walk in heels!

LADIES! It's ok not to wear heels. In fact, if you don't know how to walk in them, please DON'T! Heels are like a power tool. Yielded by the uneducated, untrained, and careless, they can be a deadly weapon - unfortunately they are deadly to the wearer. We'll call it Stiletto Suicide.

Now, if yielded by the trained and savy lady, it is also a deadly weapon!  Just ask the local police department who has to come out and every time I go to the post office for accident control (a bit of an exaggeration - but not by much I assure you). 

If you ladies do choose to wear heels knowing that you probably are one of the aforementioned “Stiletto Suicide” girls, then I suggest taking a class. No, I'm not kidding. Take a stripper class, take a dance class, find your center of gravity and do it in heels! If you can't find a class, find a lady who knows how to get her groove on in heels and ask her for HELP!

Get comfortable! Embrace your butt... Swing it girls... Left, right, left, right, left! Trust me, ain't much in the world men like better than watchin' a pretty girl stroll down the street in a nice pair of jeans and stilettos... (When she knows how to work them).

For the rest of you willing to admit that you can't walk in heels and are considering hanging them up for good... Well, there's no shame in admitting defeat. Hang up those heels and wear those flats to the best of your ability. Own 'em! You go'on with your bad self. There's nothing like a woman who looks like she owns it, and walks like she owns it - heels or flats.

I'm going for a walk....  ;-)

May 24, 2010

Please Hear My Prayer

Please check out this music video I created for the song I wrote and recorded. 
The intent of this video is #1 - to bring attention to the needs of victims of the recent floods in Tennessee.  So many more volunteers are needed and so much more help, so many more supplies, and support are required to help these people find peace again.  #2 - I hope it will be an anthem for future victims of natural disasters and other life tragedies...  a song that will help them somehow, in some way, understand that there are others out there who understand and care about what they are going through.


An MP3 of this song can be purchased and downloaded at:


***thump, thump, thump***

***Check, Check***


***Is this thing on?***