June 15, 2010


This is something I wrote quite a long time ago… but, it still holds true to this day.

Simply calling it "pain" cannot define the feeling of a heart as the word, in and of itself, describes nothing more than an acutely unpleasant discomfort... simply a word that construes your emotion as nothing more than a mere (albeit overwhelmingly disruptive), annoyance.

The heart is a phenomenon that mere logic cannot rationalize.

It is entwined with a mystifying and vague splendor; delicate and vulnerable to the slightest breeze; small fissures winding through its delicate frame until the effortless and blasé stings, in due course, breach the very core of the heart, shattering and condemning the once brilliant phenomenon into nothing more than a feeble organ - desperate - craving even a token display of compassion and affection.

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