July 9, 2010

Is it inappropriate to have a favorite child???

I mean, really, let’s review this concept. If you only have one child, then it’s impossible to have a favorite. With two children, it might be difficult. But, as the children multiply, it seems to me that a point in time comes when you realize that maybe you do, in fact, have a favorite!

Here’s the breakdown for me:

Kidlet #1 – This would be my daughter who passed at 5 months of age. That will have to be a blog for another day… It was an accidental death – not SIDS or any other medical condition. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. And, with the anniversary of her death coming up, I think of her even more. She was my first and my life was forever changed by her for the better… my favorite for sure.

Kidlet #2 – My oldest child at home. My oldest boy. He’s 13. Absolutely EMO in every way – combination of being 13 and my child. Nevertheless, I get him. He gets me. We have a connection and a communication that I think will help keep him mostly out of trouble. He’s not afraid to talk to me about things that most kids are afraid to talk about with their parents. So, for that, I am grateful… Most definitely my favorite.

Kidlet #3 – My second oldest boy, age 11. He has a hearing impairment, but he manages to get by OK. He’s an absolute flake. I’m shocked most days that he can remember his own name. I’m pretty sure his roots are blond. That being said, this child is by far is probably my most intelligent. He can – without missing a beat – start discussing philosophy, history, or mythology over a campfire. His mind is always going. He is also the one who will step up and take responsibility when needed. If I say I need help – he is always right there without expecting any reward. Many time I have tried to reward him and he has outright refused. No question, he’s my favorite.

Kidlet #4 – The younger of my older kids, age 10. My sweet boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. I don’t get to cuddle him much as he doesn’t really like a lot of physical contact. He always keeps just enough of a distance from you to avoid the physical contact. But, he’s still a barrel of laughs. This is my funny kid. He likes to play jokes. And his laughter and smile can light up a room. The cutest little dimple in the world. He gets straight A’s and rarely gives me trouble. And, he’s SMART! Wow, this kid is just plain smart… it amazes me. TOTALLY my favorite.

Kidlets #5 & #6 – The identical twin girls!!! 8-years-old going on 20! These are my girls – they are spoiled rotten – cute as buttons – and TROUBLE with a CAPITAL T! They’re my girls!!! They let me dress them up, they borrow my hats and my earrings, I can do girl stuff with them and that is SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!! I frequently call #5 the BRAIN and #6 the BRAWN. These two simply aren’t complete without the other… they are a team in every way. They can be fist fighting one minute, and the next minute head to head giggling over a book. I LOVE IT! The fact that they look just like me is a big ol’ bonus… These two are so completely my favorites!!!!

Kidlet #7 – My freckled faced 7-year-old boy with ADHD. While this one is my “challenge from God”, he’s also so full of love it’s ridiculous. He loves to snuggle. He loves to hug. He’s very affectionate. He laughs too hard. Smiles too big. And it’s wonderful! He has such an enthusiasm for EVERYTHING… I just love his enthusiasm… You just KNOW he's my favorite!!!

Kidlet #8 – My blond haired, blue eyed, cherub. The BABY! His smile could melt the polar ice-caps, give you cavities, and mend a broken soul. This child knows little malice – only love. Don’t get me wrong – he can be devious (as all 5-year-old boys are), but make no mistake, this child is a lover!!! AND ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, my favorite!!!!

Yup, I have a favorite…


  1. Wonderful post.This is my favourite!

  2. You are definitely my favorite!

  3. Well, duh mom, I'm your ONLY child... If I ain't ur favorite, then we have a really serious problem on our hands...