July 22, 2010

UPDATE: Maybe my Epic-ness isn't quite as Epic as I thought???

This post is simply and update to my previous post about the EPIC failure between my brain and fingers/mouth. 

First, let's establish a "pseudo-name" for my "emotional involvement" just to make life easier.  Because he is a musician and is Hispanic and plays like Santana - he is shall be be hereinafter known as "Mi Santana." 

It took almost a week after the EPIC incident for Mi Santana and I to actually really open up our hearts and get back to that place where we were ready to talk.  We went back and forth - things teeter tottered from "good - bad - good - worse - maybe - OK - let's talk - good".  But, we finally got past all the big hairy BS and made it to the same page. 

Several I'm sorries, lots of deep discussion, and an understanding that we still have a lot of talking, working, and mending to do - we are keeping it together and trying to move forward.  So far, so good...  And, I am learning to walk away from my phone and turn it off BEFORE my emotions get the better of me.  I've been turning to my guitar a lot more - so my fingers are aching.  But, it's a good way for me to quell the EPIC urges and be more productive about it. 

Thanks for the love and support I have gotten...  I'm sure you'll hear more about Mi Santana soon enough...

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